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100% Kona Coffee

Kona Coffee from Mountain Thunder

Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation is a grower, processor, and roaster of 100% Kona Coffee. This means that we only sell coffee that has been grown in the Kona region of Hawaii Island. That is, our coffee is pure Kona Coffee and not mixed with beans from outside of Kona.

Kona, Hawaii is a magical place where the perfect conditions--volcanic soil, high elevations, gentle climate and ideal rainfall--make for some of the world’s best gourmet coffee. There are few places on earth that have such ideal conditions for coffee growing.

All our Kona Coffee beans are hand-picked, mechanically and optically sorted and then small-batch roasted to ensure that only the best coffee will reach our customers.

At each step, from growing to processing to roasting, we focus on quality as we know our customers want the best 100% Kona Coffee possible.