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Self-Guided Lava Tube & Nature Walk

Enjoy our Nature Walk with views of three Lava Tubes between 9AM and 3:30PM.  It is an easy walk on a gravel path with a number of steps, and a steep walk up our driveway back to our Farm Store, 100% Kona Coffees to taste, and the start of our Free Tours. The trail is easy, but not wheelchair or walker friendly. The fee for this experience is $10.00 per family group of any size and includes the souvenir Guide Book.

Mountain Thunder’s Nature Trail is a glimpse of Hawai’i’s unspoiled tropical landscape. Here, visitors can explore our unique “Cloud Forest” ecosystem with cool temperatures, misty clouds, and a variety of dense, tropical vegetation.

You will receive a guidebook that highlights points of interest along the trail and tells stories of Hawaiian culture, history, and geology.

The trail leads down a winding pathway through the pristine forest. Guests will see large lava tubes, native Hawaiian plants, fruits, flowers and end at an expansive observation deck overlooking our organic coffee plantation and the Kona coastline.

Most visitors spend 15-20 minutes exploring the trail, but we encourage you to take as long as you like photographing the plants and wildlife, taking in the scenery and even bringing a picnic to enjoy on our observation deck.

You might also see some of our local wildlife including…

  • Jackson’s Chameleons
  • A flock of wild parrots or cockatoos

  • ‘io or Hawaiian Hawk native only to the Island of Hawaii (endangered)

  • Some of the 17 species of butterflies found in Hawaii

Cost: $10 per family group.

Lunch & Snacks: Sorry, we do not offer snacks or lunches for sale. We do have limited picnic space, you are welcome to bring your lunch and picnic in the gift shop area or down the Nature Trail at the observation deck.

Weather Note: We do experience rain many afternoons. Clouds often cover the farm by 11 AM, creating our unique Cloud Forest micro-climate.    We recommend this tour for the morning hours. To maximize your experience be sure to wear sturdy walking shoes, bring a rain jacket or umbrella, as well as insect repellent and sunscreen. A bottle of water will make for a more enjoyable walk!

The trail is gravel with many steps and a steep hill. It is not too strenuous if you take it easy…Unfortunately our nature trail is not walker or wheelchair friendly.