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Mountain Thunder offers only the best Kona Coffee the world has to offer. We work very hard to make sure that the coffee you drink is very clean, bringing out the subtle nuances of 100% Kona Coffee. These nuances have made the world recognize Kona Coffee as a coffee with a flavor to be rivaled for smoothness, with nutty, creamy flavors, subtle chocolate notes, cinnamon flares, and of course, the famous “no aftertaste.”

Why Mountain Thunder? We Deliver 100% Real Organic Kona Coffee

100% Kona

Support local farmers.

Get your Kona Coffee from Kona.

Because Kona Coffee is counterfeited across the world, you should get it straight from the source, from people who know Kona and grow Kona, process Kona and roast Kona everyday.

Award Winning Flavor

Award Winning Coffee + Award Winning Tours

Mountain Thunder consistently WINS every competition entered for 100% Kona Coffee.

We have been recognized by Kona Farmers Association, The Kona Coffee Council, Whole Foods, The Hawaii Coffee Association, SIAL, and the SCAA.

Authentic Quality

Every Bean – – Every Roast – – Every Customer

Mountain Thunder employs great people and strict quality control principles.  It makes our job easier and our Kona Coffee 100% better!  We rest easy knowing we only get good feedback about our coffee. Just take a look at our customer comments, which by the way are also 100% authentic.



Just wanted to say that my daughter was just on a holiday in Hawaii and she went to your plantation – upon my request (actually I told her she HAD to), and bring me back some of your best in the world, amazing coffee! She got me the Private Reserve as well as the Kona Cream – both which I got when I was there 3 1/2 years ago! Both are just as I remembered them….AMAZING!
Thanks so much for your hard work in making these beautiful products!


Donna (Ontario, Canada)


I want to tell you that I have placed 2 orders with you in the past 3 months. Both times I have received exactly what I wanted and the orders have arrived promptly.

I was born and raised in Hawaii but I am now retired in Florida. I say this because I know what great Kona is supposed to taste like and you have not let me down. I am very impressed with how you handled my first 2 orders and please give a big Mahalo to your staff for growing, roasting, and delivering such an excellent product and service to me.
I assure you that you will always have my business. I only buy the best and your Company is the best.

Kind Regards,
Robert (Bobby) Hipperson


My wife, Marcie, and I just did a side-by-side taste test of the Mountain Thunder Private Reserve Vienna Roast and our usual Trader Joe’s Smooth and Mellow Blend – a 100% arabica bean American blend. There is absolutely no comparison – the Mountain Thunder is light-years ahead.

In fact, the description on the Trader Joe’s sealed nitrogen-flushed can (with no one-way gas valve) more aptly describes Mountain Thunder than the beans it holds:

“… The acidity is light, the flavor is well rounded and fully developed. Never bitter…”

The Trader Joe’s coffe tastes completely bitter by comparison to Mountain Thunder and now I know why I never drank it without a lot of flavored half-and-half or milk and sweetener. The Mountain Thunder, on the other hand, is perfect black.

Just so you know, you’ve forever changed the way we drink coffee. And you can quote me on that. I’d say drinking Mountain Thunder coffee is an indulgence, but it’s really just a matter of choosing quality first. Your tour is really an education in what coffee is like at its very best.

Thank you for your passionate pursuit of the perfect cup. Mission accomplished!

Kind regards,

Robert Phares

My wife, mother and father in law had the pleasure of visiting your plantation almost a year and a half ago in January. We enjoyed the pleasant personal tour and kindness of your family.

To make a long story short, my father in law became ill while visiting and Graysen took it upon himself to get an ambulance. The Lord was indeed working through this kind young man.

After surgery at an island hospital, my Father in law returned home and remains well at the age of 83. Just wanted you to know how much we appreciated your concern. Loved the coffee we bought while we were there, and ordered (finally) some more today.

With our very best wishes and prayers,

C. Allan Keener

Aloha, Mr. Bateman!

Last week, my new wife and I (honeymooned) on the Big Island and during our planning phase discovered that the Kona Coffee Festival would be going on while we were there. As we are both “coffee friends”, we were delighted by this discovery and after watching the Dirty Jobs episode several times, we knew your plantation was a place we needed to visit! We arrived at the driveway on Monday, a day after the heavy rains, worried that you might not be allowing tours that day, but to our delight, we walked up to the coffee hut and were greeted by Melonie, two hot cups of your medium roast (which is delicious and we purchased with others) and the Dirty Jobs episode (which we crack up at every time we see it). She (Melonie) gave a wonderful tour explaining the entire process from tree to bagging. She was very informative and fielded our questions very well. We also got a nice sup rise as we walked into the roasting room to find Brooke roasting beans for the cupping competition.

After our tour, we’d meet your son who allowed us to walk down and see your pig dosing in its pen. We then hit the gift shop with a fever! In a nutshell, our visit was most excellent. I understand that Melonie is a new addition to your staff and you have chosen well. She is the best guide/ hostess we would have had and hope to see her next year when we return! In the interim, we look forward to the weekend so we can brew and have the time to truly savior the coffee you have grown and milled sip by sip.

We have told our friends that when they visit Kona, to definitely stop by your facility for a tour and learn where and how the best coffee is grown, milled and roasted! Don’t change a thing 🙂 Mahalo!

Larry and Adrienne Spring

Hello from North Carolina – :o)

I received my first order of Kona peaberry beans from you all. I tried it over the weekend and all I have to say is YUMMMM!!!!! Gosh- was that some of the best coffee I’ve ever tasted.

Sure do wish I lived closer……. I’d be a regular visitor.

Thanks for such a great coffee. I look forward to future cupfuls!

Donna Barlow

Before any more time passes, I wanted to take a minute and thank you for the hospitality your family gave us when my husband, son and I visited your coffee plantation at the beginning of April this year… I think it was the 7th. We came later in the afternoon, unannounced and had a wonderful time drinking coffee while watching the DVD of the “Dirtiest Jobs” show that featured Mountain Thunder. Graysen primarily was the tour guide for us while one of the girls explained the roasting process to us. I can still smell the coffee! You can be assured that the next time we get to the Kona area we will make a special effort to come back and make an appointment so we can get a full scale tour of the plantation. I don’t think it will be too hard to convince the guys that we should came back!

Thanks again. I have pointed many people to your website. I will be placing an order soon. I am just about out of my supply of 100% Kona. Take care and God bless all of you!



I’m not sure if you remember us, but in early August you took the time to give us a private, extensive tour of your plantation. It was a highlight of our trip! Thank you for such a memorable event, and if you ever happen to be in Louisiana–look us up and we’ll go gator huntin’

Kathy & Matt

Dear Mountain Thunder,

Hello from the mainland! My name is Reuben; Upon receiving your latest shipment of green (or should I say blue-green) beans, I immediately sliced open a bag to devour its heavy fruit fragrance. I then proceeded to roast several batches of the ever-popular Kona Blend, and a batch of 100%. (Much to the relief of myself and our Kona-loving customers) The freshly brewed aroma is like inhaling an island sunrise. After thorough cupping I am once again impressed by the sweet, clean acidity and uncommonly rich character of your coffee. Yum! I also fully appreciate and support your use of organic and sustainable farming practices. I recently read about your holistic approach using geese and sheep… very cool. Perhaps it is your responsible agriculture, or your state-of-the-art on-site processing capability, or your precedent-setting altitude atop Mt.-Hualalai, whatever the reason(s), I personally find your coffee to be the most flavorful Kona around.


Reuben Mood
Signature Coffee Company