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Mountain Thunder Coffee Club

Never Run Out of Mountain Thunder Coffee Again


 Mountain Thunder Coffee Club - Save 10%

It’s every coffee lover’s worst nightmare – waking up to realize you are completely out of Mountain Thunder 100% Kona coffee! The rest of your morning becomes a frantic race to be out the door with enough time to endure the long line at the closest coffee shop. Without fail, all you get is an over-priced second-rate paper cup of coffee!

At Mountain Thunder, we understand the importance of starting your day with fresh, flavorful, 100% Kona Coffee. Joining our coffee club saves you time reordering online, and more importantly, you’ll never run out of 100% Kona Coffee again, not to mention saving 10% too!

Questions about the Mountain Thunder Coffee Club?
Give us a call at 808-443-7593 We're here to help!

Get TWO FREE Mountain Thunder coffee mugs with your first order !!!

How does the Mountain Thunder Coffee Club work?

  • Receive your favorite freshly roasted 100% Kona coffee direct from our Roastery twice a month, once a month or once every two months via UPS air shipment direct from Kona, Hawaii.

  • You select how often you want to receive shipments. You select your favorite Mountain Thunder coffee. Tell us your preference … whole bean or ground, and your favorite roast.

  • We do all the rest.

  • And you save 10% on every shipment including the first one!


Coffee Club insider hints 

  • Most of our Club Members have us ship in one-pound bags.

    • Why? … for example: if the order is two or more pounds for each shipment, only open one pound at a time, the unopened bags stay roastery fresh until you open them preserving that gourmet 100% Kona Coffee aroma and taste.

  • Most of our Club Members have us ship every two months.

    • Why? … Rather than having 12 monthly shipments per year, you have 6 shipments arriving every other month. The average savings will be about $100.00 in shipping, and this is on top of your 10% savings for joining the Mountain Thunder Coffee Club!


How do I sign up? 

  • Click on your favorite Mountain Thunder 100% Kona Coffee link below

  • Select whole bean or ground

  • Choose your favorite roast

  • Decide on the frequency of shipment ( once a month, or once every two months )

  • Add to your cart and proceed to checkout


What are my obligations? 

  • We only request that you commit to six shipments. You can change the quantity or assortment up to one week prior to your scheduled shipping date.

  • Provide your credit card information for billing purposes. All your information is kept on our secure server, our employees do not have access to your information.

  • Cancel anytime after six shipments with no penalty or obligation


Some of our popular Coffee Club selections: