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100% Kona Premium Coffee 16oz


About our 100% Kona Premium Coffee

Premium 100% Kona Coffee is our value-priced coffee at Mountain Thunder. Our Premium 100% Kona Coffee is produced from slightly smaller coffee beans than our Private Reserve. Our Premium Kona Coffee still retains the famous Kona aroma and taste that you expect.

Mountain Thunder’s Premium coffee exemplifies the classic Kona Coffee taste profile … a smooth balance of flavor, and aroma, with low acidity.

You can order Mountain Thunder’s Premium 100% Kona Coffee in Vienna Roast (medium and our most popular roast) or French Roast (medium-dark). Your choice of whole bean or ground.

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100% Kona Premium Coffee…Our Process

The journey of our Premium Kona Coffee to your cup starts in a small region on Hawaii Island—the Kona Coffee Belt. It is only about 26 miles long and 3 miles wide. It has unique characteristics, which create some of the finest gourmet coffee in the world … high elevation, mineral-rich volcanic soil with cool, gentle mountain weather, and ideal rainfall.

Each coffee cherry (the coffee fruit) is handpicked only when ripe. Within 24 hours, the processing begins at our own mill here in Kona. We remove the fruit pulp and begin the drying process. When the ideal moisture content is reached, we age the beans in our temperature and humidity-controlled warehouse, which helps bring out the wonderful Kona Coffee aroma and flavor…. just like aging a choice steak of fine wine … patience provides its own reward when producing the best of Kona Coffees.

We then use multiple processes to make sure only the finest beans reach your morning cup of 100% Kona Coffee. We sort by size, density, and color Eliminating any off-grade beans, which are sold off to wholesalers. Only the best of the best is sold under the Mountain Thunder label. Our RoastMaster roasts daily, ensuring that only the freshest coffee is shipped to you.

The roasted coffee is precisely weighed and placed in a specially designed multi-layer bag with a one-way air valve. Just prior to sealing the bag, we flush it with food-grade nitrogen to push out any oxygen, which could cause the flavor and aroma to degrade.

Mountain Thunder’s process—from handpicking the coffee cherry to processing, roasting, and bagging—is designed to ensure that our customers receive only the best of the best in Mountain Thunder’s Premium 100% Kona Coffee.

List price: $49.90
Price: $49.90
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