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Organic 100% Kona Coffee 16oz Vienna Roast


About our 100% Kona Organic Coffee

Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation is proud to be certified under the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) National Organic Program. We are certified under Organic Regulations 7CFR Part 205 to produce, process, handle, package, retail, and wholesale 100% Kona Organic Coffees. Certificate Number 19-0577.

Mountain Thunder’s Organic 100% Kona Coffees are grown on a few select USDA Certified Organic farms in Kona, Hawaii. Processing, roasting, and packaging are done at our USDA Certified Organic mill and roastery in Kona.

These are genuinely remarkable coffees, grown with utmost tender love and care for creating a Kona Organic Coffee with an exceptional taste profile. It is remarkably smooth, with a very low level of bitterness. These light-bodied Organic Coffees have slightly nutty and dark chocolate notes with a subtle, savory aroma. Coffee lovers around the world have commented on the wonderful aroma and taste of Mountain Thunder’s 100% Kona Organic Coffees.

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The Best of Organic Kona Coffee…Our Process

Our USDA Certified Organic 100% Kona Coffees are only grown with the use of USDA approved Organic soil amendments and/or insect or other pest treatments. Weed control is accomplished by mowing or alternative approved Organic materials. All processing is done at the Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation Mill and Roastery located on our Cloud Forest Certified Organic Farm located at 3,200 feet elevation, about a fifteen-minute drive up the slopes of Hualalai Mountain from Kailua-Kona town.

Mountain Thunder’s 100% Kona Organic Coffee begins its journey to your cup on USDA Certified Organic farms in an area that is 26 miles long and 3 miles wide—the world-famous Kona Coffee Belt. This has some of the world’s ideal conditions for coffee: volcanic soil, cool mountain weather, abundant rain, and high elevations.

Each coffee cherry is hand-picked with our pickers only selecting only the fully ripe fruit. Processing at our USDA Organic Certified mill begins within 24 hours of picking, where we remove the outer fruit and begin the drying process. After our Organic Kona Coffee reaches the ideal moisture content, we age it in our humidity and temperature-controlled warehouse. This time is essential to bringing out the best flavor and aroma.

After we remove the outer skin, our Organic Coffee goes through several sorting steps to ensure that our RoastMaster receives the best beans for roasting. We sort by size, density, and color to achieve these goals.

Our RoastMaster roasts daily to provide you with the freshest coffee. After roasting, our coffee is precisely weighed and placed in specially-designed multi-layer coffee bags with a one-way valve. Just before heat sealing, we flush each bag with food-grade nitrogen to push out oxygen, ensuring that the coffee maintains optimal freshness and aroma.

Our RoastMaster small-batch roasts our Certified Organic 100% Kona Coffee to our signature Vienna roast level. This is a medium roast characterized by small spots of natural oils on the whole beans. Many years of roasting and cupping experience have brought us to this ideal roast level for our Certified Organic Kona Coffee.

Mountain Thunder’s Organic 100% Kona Coffees are always in short supply due to the high demand among coffee aficionados and a very limited amount grown.

List price: $69.90
Price: $69.90
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