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Private Plantation, Mill & Roastery Tour

Open 7 days a week, with tours from 10 am to 4 pm.

This is your opportunity to tour Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Start off by taking an exclusive 30-minute tour of our Cloud Forest Estate where you’ll learn how we care for our trees, pick our coffee, and do wet mill processing. Then you’ll be taken up to our dry milling facility to see how mill parchment coffee into roastable green coffee beans. See how we sort green coffee beans by size, density, and color to find the highest quality for you. Next, learn about roasting 100% Kona Coffee beans to give them their unforgettable Kona Coffee taste. Spending about one hour at our Cloud Forest Plantation with one of our tour guides. This is a personal tour (limit five people) or one-on-one experience.

  • Learn about Coffee and hand-pick some off of our trees.

  • Ride in our 2017 Kawasaki Mule, “Ua Ka’a” down into our plantation.

  • Understand the many processes coffee goes through before it can be roasted.

  • Grow to appreciate your coffee like never before.

  • Taste our different roasts and select your favorite.

  • Take home a gift bag from us to remember your experience.

  • With every cup of Mountain Thunder 100% Kona coffee you brew at home, you can relive your private plantation tour!

Private Farm Tour Mule TestimonialAvailability: Private Plantation Tours are available Monday thru Friday at 10 AM and 12 PM.

Reservations are REQUIRED: Phone 808-325-5566 or email Please reserve at least 24 hours ahead.

Duration: Total time approximately one hour.

Fee: One flat rate price for up to five people of $90.00 for the entire group.


The Team at Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation





Detailed Directions to the Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation

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