Tokyo Broadcasting System

Mountain Thunder is featured on Spiritual-Journey of Hawaii on Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) in Japan

Featuring Mr. Hiroyuki Ehara

First aired in 2006
Spiritual Journey to Hawaii

Mr Hiroyuki Ehara took some of his Japanese colleagues on a personal tour through the Big Island of Hawaii to explore the spiritual side of the island. To Japanese visitors and Mr. Hiroyuki Ehara, the Big Island of Hawaii is known as a healing center, with the ability to open and heal the heart. Many different activities were explained on the island with Mr. Hiroyuki Ehara’s spiritual expertise.
Kona Coffee is explained as a power-fruit by Mr. Hiroyuki Ehara and it is further explained that the unique mixture of Air, Water, Soil and Sun make Kona Coffee so special.

This spot on Spiritual Adventure of Hawaii with Mr. Hiroyuki Ehara will air in Japan to over 2/3 of the entire Japanese population in 2006 and beyond. You can visit TBS’s website for more information.