Diedrich IR-12 Roaster

Mountain Thunder has Two Diedrich Roasters. Two IR-12 Roasters. The Diedrich IR-12 Roasters are 25 Lbs Roasters. Note that this is a finished roasted coffee rating and that you must put in 30 Lbs. of green coffee to get 25 Lbs of roasted coffee. Diedrich Roasters are well known across the world as a high quality, durable, specially-engineered machine utilizing infrared direct heat technology with combined with convective heat that brings roasted Kona coffee through an even and stable roasting profile.

The Diedrich roasters are engineered to have a curve in the roasting profiles, so that at the end of the roast, the rate of roasting is lessened to increase accuracy of color uniformity and maximize the precision of the stopping point of the roast. This allows our roastmasters, to roast by sight of color and gives them the assurance that when they drop the roast, their batch will maintain the color they were going after, ensuring that the coffee will never be burnt or over-roasted. At Mountain Thunder we offer a Vienna Roast and a French Roast. The Vienna Roast drops at around 440 F – 445 F and the French Roast drops at 450 F – 460 F. Note that at Mountain Thunder we roast the coffee to a lower temperature than normal because you don’t need to burn the subtle nuances of the coffee like other roasters do.

In the roasting business it is common to burn everything to a French Roast to hide the unpleasantness of the coffee you are roasting. However, with Kona Coffee you are dealing with a high quality, superior set of beans and you actually want to bring out the subtle nuances of the coffee, which are described by the Chief Judge of the Gevalia Kona Coffee Cupping Competition held by the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival as Nutty overtones, Cinnamon bursts and Chocolate hints. Why would we want to burn out these desirable flavors? Don’t look for gimmicks or expect Mountain Thunder to beat around the bush when it comes to 100% Kona Coffee quality and flavor, we want you to have an outstanding cup of coffee every time!