Pure Kona Coffee

Pure Kona Coffee

Pure Kona Coffee is another way to say 100% Kona Coffee. For those of you who aren’t up and up on labeling law 101, the State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture says that the percentage of Kona Beans in a bag must be displayed on the bag before the word Kona. This makes the labeling of the term Pure Kona Coffee in Hawaii almost non-existent due to state law. Pure Kona Coffee is more a conversational term and internet keyword, than something you see printed on bags of 100% Kona Beans.

At Mountain Thunder, we specialize in Pure Kona Beans. All we sell is Premium Kona Beans, Chocolate Covered Kona Coffee Beans, and Authentic Hawaiian Mamaki Tea. We have a considerable investment in state-of-the-art processing and bagging equipment to do just one thing: Make your pallet happy. We wake up every day just to make this wonderful product so that you can be happy in the morning or whenever you prepare your snacks or beverages.

What does it take to make a great cup of joe? It starts with having full control over the product. Mountain Thunder is a Hawaii licensed and USDA Organic certified grower, processor and roaster of Pure Kona Beans. Mountain Thunder takes the coffee through each of the processes of wet milling, dry milling and final roasting. By having control of the product every step of the way, Mountain Thunder implements its quality control and lot tracking systems to make top quality beans both organic and conventional. It takes a lot of work to bring an average of seven pounds of cherry to a 16 oz. bag of roasted product.

The Fair Trade coffee certification continues to be a great social success when applied to worldly origins from South America and other parts of the world. The concept usually works where the coffee grower gets a fair price, usually $1.25 or more, per pound of beans, rather than the usual $.50 per pound of green coffee. Rest assured, Pure Kona Beans easily fits in with the Fair Trade concept because in our location, farm workers are protected by a state minimum wage law, which is well above the world averages for daily pay. Remember, our location is in the United States, and workers get protected by United States labor laws, which are absent in other areas of the world.

The Kona districts are blessed with a historically significant coffee growing region, which is roughly 180 years old. Japanese farmers are to thank for this coffee producing culture, because without them, Kona coffee would not have developed so fully, with its world-famous name and reputation.

Kona beans are a washed coffee, which gets wet-milled. This adds to the full, vibrant flavor of the Kona Beans adding smoothness and taking away bitterness. Mountain Thunder uses technologically advanced methods to develop the sought-after coffee flavor. Among these machines, are computerized color sorters which remove discolored or black beans from the general population of coffee beans.

Professional tasters, who are world-famous, and buyers of beans from world markets, purchase Kona Beans because of its chocolate notes, cinnamon flares and nutty overtones. Kona is world-famous for producing this flavor. We invite you to taste this rich, bold flavor for yourself.