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  • Chocolate Covered Peaberry Beans

    Chocolate Covered Peaberry Beans

    Mountain Thunders Chocolate covered coffee beans combines the premium 100% Kona Peaberry Beans and premium chocolate to make an awsome treat that you will never forget. 4 oz.


  • Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts

    Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts

    Our Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts are made with macnuts that are grown on farms we manage. Then, we add premium chocolate to the nuts. Macadamia nuts are well known worldwide as a gour...

  • Sweetheart Coffee Gift Basket

    Sweetheart Coffee Gift Basket

    This gift pack contains two authentic 16 oz. Mountain Thunder red bistro mugs and one pound of your choice of coffee. This gift pack has in mind a couple of discerning coffee connoisseurs...

    From: $62.99
  • Pickers Choice Coffee Gift Basket

    Pickers Choice Coffee Gift Basket

    Purchase a pound of Kona coffee for your friends, family and associates and have your coffee wrapped in an authentic burlap sack! Adds that extra special touch to a one pound bag. You cho...

    From: $39.99
  • Kona Private Reserve Coffee Gift Tote

    Organic Kona Private Reserve Coffee Gift Tote

    This Gift Tote exclusively offers Mountain Thunders Organic Kona Private Reserve! It contains a total of 6 – 3 oz bags of our Vienna Roast or French Roast, or a combination of the t...

  • Mountain Thunder Coffee Gift Tote

    Mountain Thunder Coffee Gift Tote

    Mountain Thunders Authentic 100% Kona Gift pack features 6 3 oz bags of wonderful coffee for your pleasure.
    Includes 100% Kainaliu Peaberry Kona Coffee in French and Vienna Roast. A...

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    Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts 6 Pack Custom Variety

    100% Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts (6 Packs)

    Your choice of six (6) 4.5 oz cans of Hawaiian macadamia nuts!

    We now have 7 flavors of Macadamia Nuts to choose from:

    • Lightly Salted
    • Honey Mustard
    • G...
  • Tasters Choice Coffee Gift Pack

    Taster’s Choice Coffee Gift Pack

    This gift pack includes an 8 oz. bag of your choice of coffee, 4 oz of chocolate covered coffee beans, plus a 16 oz. Red Mountain Thunder Bistro Mug. packed in a Hawaiian lauhala basket.<...

    From: $54.99