Our Coffee

Mountain Thunder's Organic Cloud Forest Estate with view of gazebo.
A 1 year old farm planted by Mountain Thunder.
Mountain Thunder's Buying Station at Junction 180 & 190.

Mountain Thunder’s Coffee is sourced from three areas.

The first main source is our own Mountain Thunder Organic Farms, which are featured in our estate coffee listing, which we have full control over and continuously pioneer and are looking for new, more creative and easier ways to farm organically. You can read more about growing coffee on Mountain Thunder’s organic farms.

The second way is through Mountain Thunder’s estate management program. Mountain Thunder employs seasoned professionals to manage leased, owned or rented farms. An example is where a gentleman farmer from California recently purchases 5 acres of prime Kona Coffee agricultural land, but only lives part-time in Kona. Mountain Thunder is called in and provides several financial scenarios where it is worthwhile for Mountain Thunder to farm existing coffee orchards or plant new ones. The most popular scenario selected is the lease option, and the farmer obtains a cash installment for full leasing privileges of the agricultural lands. In return, Mountain Thunder keeps the coffee land in good harvestable condition and keeps the harvest. Mountain Thunder has over 100 acres currently under its leasing program.

The third and most popular way to obtain coffee in Kona is to purchase coffee direct from farmers on the side of the road. Mountain Thunder purchases coffee in 4 locations in North and South Kona. With some good coffee-sorting principles in place, this coffee can turn out to be some really excellent Kona Coffee. Over 85% of the coffee in Kona is obtained this way and is of very high quality by world standards