Media at Mountain Thunder

Featured on “Cooking on the Weekends”
Kona Coffee: Mountain Thunder in a Cloud Forest

Mountain Thunder was featured on Dirty Jobs.

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Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation has been in the spotlight on many American and International Television Networks, Magazines and Newspapers. It all started in November of 2004, when the Food Network found our little farm and wanted to do a showing of Unwrapped with host Marc Summers. Soon to follow was Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs and many others.

We are always happy to hear from any media organization that thinks our farm would be a good fit for their show or publication. And, as always, we are always pretty enthusiastic to see how a particular producer wants to pitch our farm for their shows specific needs. It amazes us how many ways our farm fits into different viewpoints and ways of thinking.

It makes sense, though because coffee is so complicated, we are doing a lot of things to make it. Composting is dirty, the ambiance of living on a farm is rustic and nostalgic of the slower, old ways. Kona Coffee is a world famous gourmet food product that tastes real good. And of course, we are located in Hawaii, which is renowned for its natural beauty and isolation. I am sure that there are many more angles, but these are just some of the things that makes our farm and business so attractive and exciting.

If you are already a member of our E-club, you know that our business is not boring and it never ceases to amaze me that no matter what happens, we always have something new to write about and promote.

If you want to read about all our media appearances, or just want to check out all of our awards for our awesome Kona Coffee read on.

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