Kona Coffee

This web site has a lot of information about Kona Coffee and our company, Mountain Thunder, just happens to be one of the largest producers of premium Kona. This means that we grow, process, roast and bag premium Kona beans. Thanks for landing on our site.

Coffee arrived in Kona in 1828 as Reverend Samuel Ruggles brought the trees to Kealakekua as an ornamental. The trees were then grown widely in Kona by large estates and this was the beginning of the history of Kona Coffee. More information on the origins and history of Kona is available on our web site.

You probably want to know more about Kona Coffee, and it will pleasure you to know that Kona beans have an overall smooth flavor, which according to the Chief Judge of the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival — Gevalia Cupping Competition has nutty overtones, chocolate bursts and cinnamon flares. You can find more information about the Kona Coffee Cupping Contest on our web site. By the way, Mountain Thunder is the Event Director of the entire contest every year since 2003.

You are sure to like the way Mountain Thunder processes coffee beans, and you will be sure to taste these subtle nuances which make Kona beans so spectacular. Among the processes that brings out these special flavors is our proprietary roasting process that protects the inherent goodness of Kona beans by not over-roasting. Our roasting process also develops the beans from the inside out. In other words, we are not burning the beans. Mountain Thunder uses an optical computer color sorter to take away the black, brown, yellow and white beans which impart a sour or bland flavor. Black and brown beans make a sour flavor which makes you want to remove the coffee from your mouth and the white beans leave a bland taste that takes away from the special nuances present in premium green beans.

Mountain Thunder conducts tasting’s that help prevent any odd flavors from entering the coffee which is sold under the label. This means we don’t allow any old or defective beans to enter into our small batch process. It also means we have a mentality that revolves around making premium coffee with premium flavor. We don’t cut corners or even think about roasting Prime grade coffee like other supermarket roasters do. It just doesn’t enter into our vision. This is a direct result of our customers wanting only the best cup period.

If you are interested in how we grow our beans or how we process them, take a look at our wet processing, dry processing and roasting process pages, as we discuss the individual steps needed to make a good cup of joe. Remember, that at Mountain Thunder we always go in the direction of producing the best beans. We always go in the direction of quality. That is what you should remember.

We thank you for visiting our web site, and we want to let you know that that working with you is our favorite part of our day. We absolutely love servicing our customers from the mainland and we would like to cordially invite you to stop by our Visitor Center, where you can see our processing and roasting facilities, enjoy a free sample of coffee or tea, explore our coffee trees, animals, and gift shop.