Kona Coffee from Hawaii

Kona Coffee From Hawaii

Of course, you know, Kona Coffee is from Hawaii! This is in stark contrast from Kona Coffee blended on the mainland in NYC, New Orleans, Florida or Washington. You probably already know this by now, which is why you are looking for 100% Pure Kona Coffee roasted in Hawaii. But perhaps, what you don’t know is that you should be looking for 100% Kona Coffee from Kona! Doesn’t it make sense to get your Kona straight from the source? Why mess around?

I am sure that the reason you want 100% Kona Coffee from Hawaii is that you know you will get the real thing. By now, you know that the “Kona Coffee” you get in the greater 48 states just doesn’t taste like the 100% Kona that you got on your last farm visit in Kona. That is precisely because the coffee you drank on the mainland isn’t Kona or contains very little Kona. You gave it the taste test, and as always that is the final determining factor. Taste is King.

What I would like to suggest to you is to change and refine your thinking to only buying 100% Kona Beans. This insures that the Kona Coffee Council and the Kona Farmer’s Association and the Kona Bean growing community is looking after each other, making sure that everyone is selling the real Deal. When you buy from Kona, you know that the Hawaii State Department of Agriculture is running around auditing farms making sure that they are only using 100% Kona Beans in their products. But wait, let’s take this a step further. Since you are going to be buying 100% Kona beans, why don’t you get a little discerning and only buy premium 100% Kona Beans. Did you know there is a difference? Since you are doing your research, shouldn’t you only get the best for yourself?

Rest assured, Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation (www.mountainthunder.com) in the Kaloko Cloud forest in North Kona is one of the only farms in Kona that is truly dedicated to Premium 100% Kona Beans. Just look at our comments section of our web site. Because we are only putting the best Kona beans in our product, you know that you are going to get the best flavor in your cup of joe.

Where other farms are involved in providing non-Kona Beans such as other Hawaiian Beans or even blends of Kona Beans, Mountain Thunder will always be your true source for only 100% Kona Beans. We don’t have an import license, and the only coffee that enters our mill are Kona Beans, from north and south Kona.

There is no better guarantee to the consumer than when that person buys Kona beans from people growing Kona Beans, processing Kona Beans and roasting Kona beans in Kona by people from Kona who know Kona Beans.

Our beans are among the best the world offers, and I would like to encourage you to join our e-club or coffee club and get in on one of our savings programs. We can offer you up to 10% off of our listed prices by committing to a 3 order minimum of 1 pound per order for a total of 3 pounds. Or, you can get periodic emails from us and get up to 10% off! Click on the E-club link in the header above for more information.