Kona Coffee Country

Kona Coffee Country is the relatively small area in Kona that is of high enough altitude to grow coffee. Typically, this is from 500 feet to over 4000 feet. Even though the areas under cultivation continues to go up all over the North and South Kona districts the bulk of the Kona acreage continues to be in the strip of land around highways 11 and 180 and 190 from North to South Kona. If you can get a copy of the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival Kona Coffee driving tour map, you will find us as number two at the top in North Kona, and you will then have your own map of the Kona Coffee Belt. You can visit the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival and ask for a map.

When you are coming from the south, from the Ka’u district you will, once you pass through a town called Ocean View, see the official signs that you are entering the Kona District. This is the beginning of where Kona Coffee starts. The road continues up north to Opi’iali and then to Milolii, and up into Honaunau. When you reach Honaunau you become very close to the area where coffee was originally planted in Kona. Therefore, there is a plentiful amount of coffee once you hit Honaunau, and you will see plenty of coffee on the side of the road as you drive through Kona Coffee Country.

You will see coffee planted on the side of the road, if you take highway 180 instead of 11, all the way to Junction 180 & 190 in North Kona. This is where you start to see coffee less and less, and houses more and more. Although there are some very large coffee plantation past junction 180 & 190.

If you are coming from the North, you will see a lot of lava fields as you enter Kona. However, as you round the slopes of Mount Hualalai, you will be technically entering Kona Coffee country. Farms are now being planted here with great frequency, although you don’t see as much coffee on highway 190 as you head in to Kona from Waimea. Once you get to junction 180 & 190, head on the upper road (highway 180), and then you will have a nice scenic drive with coffee planted on almost every property.