Kona Coffee Club

Coffee Club – Monthly Subscription Details

We deliver Kona Coffee to your doorstep or business according to your schedule, automatically! Use our automated online coffee club system to purchase your choice of coffee or desired combination of Mountain Thunder products up to 10% off.

Perks are “no-brainer” automated re-ordering, the option to manage your account online through the web-console, any hour of the day, including an option to start or stop your coffee club order, and make a new one. Of course, we generously give you up to a 10% discount.

Perks of the Coffee Club System:

No-brainer automated billing system
Online administration of account
Generous 10% Discount
No telephone calls needed

Simply select which products, types (ground/whole bean) and roasts you prefer to be automatically shipped to you every month and your order will be shipped monthly until canceled.

Our coffee club is the way to get only the most premium coffee sent to you at the most reasonable rate.

We have customers who have been part of Mountain Thunder’s coffee club for years, and they just keep on ordering because our coffee is one of the most wonderful things to wake up to every morning.

You too, can have smooth, chocolaty and nutty coffee every morning for the most economical price. We encourage you to make an order for our coffee online, try out the different variations, and then once you know what you like, signup for a Coffee Club order with your favorite coffee and have it shipped to you every month or every other month at your convenience.

Coffee Club members must stay enrolled for a three shipment minimum to qualify for the 10%.

  • Minimum three orders
  • Valid credit card
  • No changing of order during minimum order commitment
  • Our most popular option is to have an order shipped every other month. In this instance, you would be required to enroll for a six month period to receive your 10% discount.

Mountain Thunder’s coffee club is not, however a way to get a one time discount. If you find that the coffee club is not for you, please join our E-club, which is free and also entitles you to various promotions throughout the year.

Once you have completed your 3 order minimum, you can then change your subscription to try out a different roast and keep things interesting.

1) Scroll down below this detail area to view Coffee Club products. Then simply click/tap the option buttons for each product to make your selections. Your choices will be automatically added to your cart. The 10% discount is automatically applied within the coffee club pricing.

2) When you checkout, your order will be processed, your credit card charged, and a recurring order will be created automatically. You need do nothing else to maintain or verify your order.

3) You can change, stop, and/or verify your order in your Mountain Thunder Account.

If you need help with our coffee club system please contact us.

If you need to permanently change the order, or any information in the order, please email us at: customercare@mountainthunder.com. We normally don’t allow any changes or stopping of the coffee club until after 3 shipments, but if it is very important, we can make an exception.

If you need to change the address on an existing coffee club order, please login to your Mountain Thunder account, change your shipping address information and then contact us for verfication. Even if you update the address on your account, the automatic shipments may still go to the old address on the original order and we want you to be able to enjoy your coffee care-free.