Kona Coffee Beans

Kona Coffee Beans are one of the most famous coffees in the world. In international flavor recognition, Kona Coffee Beans are known for its complex and pleasing flavor. Most coffee beans need to be blended with other worldly beans to taste good. This happens because each set of coffee beans you add to a coffee blend adds a certain level of complexity to the brew. However, 100% Kona Coffee Beans do not need to be blended to get to the point where it “tastes good”.

Why do Kona Coffee Beans taste so good? Well, it has to do with the inherent composition of our volcanic soil with a blanket of organic matter on top of it, our weather, altitude, and longitude. The Agricultural component of the process is the most important aspect of the whole cup of Joe. Our weather gives us strong sunny mornings with rainy or overcast afternoons. Our trees just loves this. Also, our temperature is about 65 -75 degrees Fahrenheit with the mornings being more warm (because of direct sunlight) than the afternoons. Also, Kona growing regions get about 60 inches or more rain per year. This is the magic recipe for good beans.

Also, once you create some really good cherry and take it to the mill, you will find that good milling procedures will take those excellent beans and accentuate the flavor. Our Beans are traditionally processed very well. At Mountain Thunder we wet-process and of course, dry-process our beans. Washing or the wet-process stops fermentation and forces the beans to go down the road of smoothness. Washed coffees are always more smooth than non-washed coffees. If you ever tasted Sumatra coffee you will have known what a non-washed coffee tastes like because it is processed in what we call a “natural process”. Kona Beans are never natural processed, and if it was, it would never pass Kona certification standards.

Our Dry Milling operation is also very important to the flavor of Kona Beans. We sort by size, gravity density and color. We take out defects in every sort, leaving the big beans (which make the coffee have a more smooth flavor), which are wholesome, without chips or broken shape. And of course, we color sort, leaving only the coffee-green color which lets any roast master know that the coffee is in its best condition. Only perfect beans will make the best Kona flavor.

Roasting is also very important to the flavor of our product, and the roaster of choice in most specialty coffee arenas is the Diedrich Coffee Roaster. Diedrich Manufacturing has been building coffee roasters for over 25 years, and just recently won the SCAA lifetime achievement award for contributing to our industry in a way that goes beyond simple profit and loss. Mountain Thunder uses two Diedrich IR-12 roasters.

Our brew is known the world over to contain the subtle nuances of chocolate, nuts, and cinnamon. How wonderful are these flavors? Well, it reminds me of eating a See’s candy. The only two brews that are known in the world that have chocolate flavors are Jamaica Blue Mountain brew and our brew. This is why these two brews are considered the world’s best.

So go ahead and try some of Mountain Thunder’s brew and you won’t be disappointed. We have had a ridiculously low complaint rate of about .046%, which goes to show that we aim to please. Our sixteen awards also show that our joe “wins people over”–every time.