History & Values

Who is Mountain Thunder?

Mountain Thunder is a family-owned and operated business working in the Kaloko Cloud Forest in Kailua Kona Hawaii. We were founded in 1998 by Trent A. Bateman who was an “oil well doctor” in the oil fields of Southern California. He would repair oil wells that were under-performing according to production averages. In many cases, he was very successful in bringing a “sick” oil well back to health. Trent was also an inventor, still holding patents in oil well tools which clean out sick oil wells. Additionally, Trent ran a machine shop that repaired and finished tools and dies that were related to forging jet engine rings for companies such as Phratt Whitney, Rolls Royce and General Electric.

By 1998 Trent had sold his oil well repair business and machine shop and moved to Hawaii permanently to live on his new 20 acre organic coffee farm. At first, Trent had built a wet-mill and purchased coffee to process for other larger companies that made 100% Kona Coffee. After some bitter experiences working for these companies, Trent decided to step up his operation and install a dry-milling operation on his 21 acre farm and become a licensed dealer himself. At the same time, he planted 10 acres of Organic Kona Coffee.

Focus on Ethics & Quality

Mountain Thunder is committed to high ethical standards, and dedicated to providing 100% Kona Coffee to every connoisseur in the world who seeks a bag of true Kona Coffee roasted in Kona by people who live in Kona and know Kona Coffee. Mountain Thunder is committed to the truth in labeling and provides USDA Organic Seals on every bag of Mountain Thunder Kona Coffee you buy.