Hawaiian Kona Coffee

If you just clicked to this page, let us tell you a little about our company. We are the Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation. We consistently produce outstanding Kona Coffee in Kona. This means that we are located in the district of North Kona, and we are licensed to produce 100% Kona Coffee by the State of Hawaii in Kona. We know Kona Coffee, and we are here to bring you the real deal, everyday.

There is a Hawaii State law that prevents roasters from mislabeling products marketing Hawaiian coffee or Kona beans and laws forcing these companies to disclose the percentage of what beans are in the bag. Look carefully at Mountain Thunder’s label, and you will see only 100% Kona Coffee printed on the bag.

It is actually a good thing that you came across our company and our web page because you have been directed to a company that is making premium Kona Coffee.

A ploy you will find on the mainland is to buy 2 Lbs. of “Kona Coffee” for $18.00. This is mainly due to the fact that there is no labeling law on the mainland, so there is no percentages disclosed at all. There is no such thing as $9.00 per pound roasted 100% Kona beans. There just isn’t. At that price you would be looking at a blend of 100% Kona Coffee with some other foreign beans.

These are examples of how roasting companies use the Kona name to sell coffee. But, when it comes down to it, the taste and flavor is bland or seems to taste much more like the foreign beans that are blended in the bag. The simplest way to say this is that Mountain Thunder only sells 100% Kona Coffee–the real deal– that’s it.
Our beans are from the Big Island, but you need understand that in our location we hand pick our coffee trees to only harvest the red, ripe cherries. Other islands in the 50th state mechanically pick their coffee. They re-name their over-ripened coffee cherry”naturals”. Naturals are basically the coffee cherry in a rotten state. Meaning the coffee is now automatically graded at a very low quality. Rotten cherry equals a bitter or sour flavor. We call these rotten cherries floaters in coffee country. Note that floaters, at best, make only our lowest grade coffee, with a defect rate right around 14.99 %
We would also like to take this time to inform you and let you know that Mountain Thunder is a family owned business. We are not corporate owned or billionaire owned. This makes all the difference because there are no corporate politics going on inside of our company. We like to call it family politics. We cultivate family resident coffee experts, rather than turn over employees who don’t care about the business or coffee quality.

No one complains about our beans because they taste good. In fact, we get a lot of accolades about what a nice product our coffee has become. We also get compliments about how we pay so much attention to you on our tour, which is free, by the way. You also get a free cup of coffee when you come to visit us. Please do check out our tour page in the header above and plan to come to the Big Island and get your very own cup of our Private Reserve.

I think that it would be a good time for you to check out the rest of our web site and learn more about how Mountain Thunder makes 100% Kona Coffee, in the Kona District of the Big Island of Hawaii. Most notably, for people who don’t have a background in coffee you will find information about our wet processing, dry processing, and roasting most interesting.