From a Cruise Ship

Visiting Mountain Thunder from the Port of Kailua Kona

If your cruise ship will be stopping at the Port of Kailua Kona, this information is for you. Currently, we don’t offer any transportation up to the Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation from the Pier, however you can catch a cab which is parked right in front of the pier. Be sure to print out our directions so your cab driver can find Mountain Thunder. Normal cab rides are around $25.00 each way. But for this price you can bring the entire family because most cabs are mini-vans. If you are going to drive up to the farm, you may want to schedule a V.I.P tour in advance and have a meal and spend a few hours with us, so that your trek is worthwhile. Otherwise, you would be interested in our Free Tour. Contact us for more information on V.I.P tours. Check back for updates or subscribe to our E-Club to be sure to get the latest news.