Food Network

Mountain Thunder is featured on Food Network’s Unwrapped

Featuring Marc Summers.

First aired on 3/28/2005 

In November 2004, the film crew of the Food Network showed up to film at the Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation in Kaloko. They filmed everything that has to do with making a cup of 100% Mountain Thunder Kona Coffee. The Food Network film crew was more modest, with a single cameraman and a producer.

We filmed for a segment of the ever popular show called Unwrapped, where Mark Summers takes you through the various steps and processes that our American foods must go through before we eat them. You can check to see when the episode will be on in your area by looking for the episode named Aloha Edibles on food

Part of Aloha Edibles was filmed on the Big Island of Hawaii, Oahu, and on mainland California. The show was meant to demonstrate the wonderful products that are produced in Hawaii or with the Aloha Spirit. Our 100% Kona Coffee was shown among the likes of macadamia nuts, shave ice, and luau-style food. We were a little sad we did not get the meet Mark Summers. But he did end up narrating the whole shooting from the Unwrapped 50’s-style restaurant with red and white checkerboard tablecloths. We agree that he did a good job narrating the tour of our farm.

The day of the shooting was one of the most beautiful and sunny days that Mountain Thunder has ever seen, and the photography exemplifies this. Our facilities were freshly painted after an off-season cleaning and paint job. And our Organic coffee trees were glimmering in the sun. The filming shows how our trees are nestled in an ancient Cloud Forest that is indigenous to Mount Hualalai. We opted to plant our trees into the trees in the forest rather than clear-cut a beautiful forest.

One interesting note, is how Marc tells us that 100% Kona Coffee has half the caffeine as the regular canned kind. And this is because Pure Kona Coffee is made with 100% Arabica beans, which have half the caffeine content of Robusta Beans. And since the United States of America is essentially the dumping-grounds for the lower end of the world’s coffee, and Robusta beans care considered the lower end of the world’s coffee, America’s regular canned kind contains Robusta Beans, which are much more strong in flavor and contain twice the caffeine as Arabica Beans.

We do hope that you get a chance to see this spot on Food Network’s Unwrapped and We hope you enjoy this episode of as much as we do!