Fine Living

Fine Living Channel’s “A Taste for Adventure”

Featuring Kara Tsuboi


First aired in Fall 2007.

Kara and her crew from Barbary Coast Productions located in the Bay Area of California arrived on the farm on a beautiful sunny day. We had breakfast and soon started shooting for a spot on the show, as we learned, A taste for adventure.

Bryce Bateman was first to shoot a segment with Kara, covering a discussion about how Kona Coffee is grown. Bryce pointed out composting and offered an explanation on how Kona Coffee has been grown for about 180 years. Next, Kara and Bryce picked some coffee from our Cloud Forest Reserve Estate and loaded the coffee on our Kona Nightingale Donkey’s Florence and Lucy. Next, it was off to the wet mill to strip the bean of its outer flesh.

Graysen Gaine was the next to walk Kara through the wet-process and it was exciting to see the beans flowing down chutes and being pumped up pipes through de-stoners and rock-catchers. Graysen showed Kara the floater tank, where heavy, good beans sink to be processed. And then the beans went through an auger to be pulped. Graysen and Kara watched as the Mountain Thunder crew washed the slimy beans and then spread the beans onto the deck.

Kara asked Graysen about a batch of coffee on the deck and explained how the coffee was organic.

The more complicated process, called Dry Milling was caught on film to later be B-tracked or given a voice-over to explain the different processes, such as milling, sorting and grading.

Brooke Bateman was next to demonstrate the roasting process that takes place at Mountain Thunder everyday. Kara was very excited to see some 100% Kona Coffee roasted and you can check out a picture of Kara with a roast on her web site

Next, Graysen, Brooke and Bryce have one last cup of 100% Kona Coffee Espresso with Kara before she departed for her next adventure.

This spot on A Taste for Adventure with Kara Tsuboi on The Fine Living Channel will air to over 40 million households.