Farm Management Program

At Mountain Thunder we have a farm management program. We provide services to Kona Coffee Farmers on a professional level. An outline of our service include a renting program, a leasing program with various financial scenarios, and a planting program.

An example of Mountain Thunder's work planting a farm. This farm is 2 years old.
First Harvest on a 2 year old tree.
Mountain Thunder's Excavator which is used to make holes in lava rock.

Acreage Renting Program

Our renting program is very simple. We rent your harvestable acreage and maintain the orchards in harvestable condition while retaining the harvest. This includes fertilizing, pruning and chipping any pruned branches.

Our leasing program is a bit more involved since we will be controlling your coffee land for a longer period of time. Leases go out as far as 20 years. The reason that leases can go out so far into the future is a financial component needed to cover the cost of planting trees. So in essence, you can get planted with coffee with no up front investment if you agree to a 20 year management lease. In this example, we also maintain your harvestable acreage and use chippers to chip coffee tree prunings.

Planting Program

Mountain Thunder also has a planting program. We suggest double-row planting, namely 5-8-5 feet spacing to maximize the amount of trees that you can fit on an acre. Cost is broken down to the price of the tree, the price of making the hole, and the cost to irrigate per tree, and the cost of labor per tree. To date, all of our plantings have returned a heavy harvest. Examples of other farms, which we have planted are available. Usually, Mountain Thunder continues to manage the farm long after it has been planted.

For more information about our farm management program please call 808-987-9188 and leave a message for our manager.