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Private ATV Plantation Tour

This is your opportunity to privately tour Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation.  Start off by taking a ride through our 20-acre Cloud Forest Estate on a 4x4 off-road ATV where you’ll see our organic coffee fields and trails lined with tropical vegetation.  Learn about how we care for our trees, pick ripe coffee cherries and complete wet mill processing.  Next you’ll be taken up to our dry milling facility to learn how coffee is processed from parchment into roast-ready green coffee beans.  See how we sort by size, density and color to select the highest quality green coffee beans.  Next, learn about roasting 100% Kona Coffee beans to craft our unforgettable Kona Coffee flavor.
This is a private tour that can hold from one up to five people.

  • Learn about Coffee and hand-pick some off of our trees.
  • Explore the plantation and exotic Cloud Forest in one of our new Kawasaki Mule 4x4 ATV's driven by one of our experienced guides.
  • Understand the many processes coffee goes through before it can be roasted.
  • Grow to appreciate your coffee like never before.
  • Taste our different roasts and select your favorite.
  • With every cup of Mountain Thunder 100% Kona coffee you brew at home, you can relive your private plantation tour!

Private Farm Tour Mule TestimonialAvailability: Private Plantation Tours are available based on the availability of our ATVs and guides, you may be able to schedule a Private Plantation Tour when you arrive.

Reservations Reservations are recommended, especially during peak seasons. Use the calendar below to select your date and book online!

Duration: Total time approximately one and one half hour.

Fee: One flat rate price for up to five people of $125 for the entire group.

The Team at Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation

Detailed Directions to the Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation

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