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Kona Ola Coffee 16oz - Vienna Roast -- OUT OF STOCK --


This Coffee is Currently OUT OF STOCK

About Kona Ola coffee

This coffee is sourced from two certified Organic Kona coffee farms and one farm that has since achieved Organic status. The third farm was not certified at the time of picking, so this coffee is not Certified Organic. The three farms adhere to the three fundamental requirements of Organic farming: no use of herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

This is a blend of beans grown naturally. It is expertly processed roasted in small batches at the Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation. Each batch is roasted to bring out the best in this coffee: an uncommonly smooth and aromatic Kona coffee.

Each of the coffee fruit (the "cherry") is picked by hand, taking only the ripe, red cherry and leaving the underripe or overripe beans on the coffee trees. This hand-picking and our optical sorter ensure that only the best beans make it to our roasting room and, eventually, your coffee cup.

We roast our Kona Ola coffee to our signature Vienna roast level. This brings out a lot of the flavor that is not present in the lighter American roast and avoids the bitterness often associated with French roasts. It is characterized by small spots of the natural oils on the whole beans. This is the ideal roast for these beans.

Taste Profile

The taste is exceptionally smooth, rich, with a robust taste profile. Slightly bitter with a smooth finish. Mild, medium body with low acid. Subtle aroma with hints of nuts and spice. The hallmark of this coffee is an extraordinarily smooth taste, with the best of the legendary Kona Coffee profile: medium body with an even, smooth, nutty flavor.

The coffee cups do not come with the coffee. You can purchase them here.

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