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Kona Naturals Coffee 16 oz - Vienna Roast


Coffee is traditionally dried after the cherry (the outer red skin) is separated from the bean. Our Kona Naturals coffee is dried as cherry (the coffee beans inside).

Why? The coffee cherry is one of nature’s antioxidants powerhouses. It contains Chlorgenic, Quinic and Ferulic acids—all known as antioxidants with recognized health benefits. When the coffee beans are dried inside the fruit, this creates a coffee bean that is high in antioxidants and gives the beans a sweeter taste profile and a higher level of caffeine.

For a uniquely-processed and especially healthy 100% Kona coffee, try our Kona Naturals coffee. Available only in Vienna roast for a limited time.

The coffee mugs do not come with the coffee. You can purchase them here.

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Price: $38.90
Weight: 1 lb
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