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Kona Coffee Roasts

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Vienna Roast:

This is our medium roast with nutty flavor and intense aroma. The Vienna Roast drops at around 440F - 445F and the beans are milk-chocolate color. We recommend our Vienna Roast in the morning when your taste pallet is fresh to receive the full flavor of the bean. The adequate amount of caffeine will boost your power for the day.

French Roast:

This is our medium-dark roast with smooth bittersweet flavor. The French Roast drops at 450F - 460F and the beans are dark-chocolate color. Coffee will help digestion after a big meal and a French Roast, with less caffeine, will be a good choice for the evenings.

American Roast:

This is our lightest roast that balances a buttery, nutty body and a subtle sweet acidity. The American Roast drops at 420F - 430F and the beans are cinnamon color. Please enjoy the distinctive flavor of the coffee.

Black and Tan:

This is our blend of 2 roasts; American and French Roasts to create a 'just right' flavor. The darker roast carbon flavor of the French roast enhances the lighter, coffee bean flavor of an American roast to give the brew an interesting profile which can only be attained by the mixing of the roasts.

Brown and Tan:

Our newest roasted product at Mountain Thunder Coffee is a blend of two roasts of 100% Kona Coffee, American and Vienna roasts, to create a 'just right' flavor. Similar to "black and tan" mixing dark and light, the Brown and Tan mixes a medium roast (Vienna) to enhance the lighter coffee bean flavor of the light roast (American). This gives the brew an interesting profile which can only be attained by the mixing of the roasts. This is recommended for those who like a light roast, but not as light as the American roast.

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