About Mountain Thunder

The Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation is one of the most reputable names in 100% Kona Coffee. We only deal with the best, most premium Kona Coffee available. We boast our Award-Winning Organic Cloud Forest Estate 100% Kona Coffee. It has now won over 16 awards in a five-year period of time. Try the 100% Kona Challenge and see what we are talking about.

Organic Kona Coffee is one of our specialties and we encourage you to try the most nutty and chocolaty 100% Kona Coffee’s around. We are certified Kosher by K-OFK, Organic by GOCA, and we hold the Seal of Quality from the State of Hawaii. We have the most certifications around because our Kona Coffee is the of the best quality, period.

Mountain Thunder has been on Network Television numerous times. We have been featured on shows such as Dirty Jobs, A Taste For Adventure, Unwrapped, and Weather Ventures. We even have a streaming video for you to watch. Youtube.com has two videos featuring our appearances of Dirty Jobs, if you prefer to watch it that way.

All of our coffee is shipped to you from our plantation via FedEx 2 Day Air service. This is the best way because all of our packages are delivered with express service with tracking. Additionally, the packages have a declared value which can be reimbursed. We ship coffee out Monday through Friday every single week of the year.

Meet the owners of Mountain Thunder and learn about what makes Mountain Thunder so special. Our company is family owned and operated, which allows us to focus on the best quality for our products. We are known for producing the best quality in whatever we do.

Try out our Coffee Club or our E-Club to take advantage of our best promotional pricing! Our Coffee Club offers no-brainer automatic shipments and a generous 20% discount. Our E-Club offers 15% promotional pricing on various products throughout the year.

All in all, we welcome you to our web site. We have information on brewing coffee, Kona Coffee history, coffee lingo, and we feature interpretations of different research available on coffee, in addition to information on our tours. Finally, we would like to invite you up to one of our plantations on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Join us for a wonderful, informational free tour, and a free cup of our Kona Private Reserve.

Mountain Thunder has been in business for over ten years, so relatively speaking we are new, but we have grown over the years to become one of the major players in the world of Kona Coffee.

Mountain Thunder is one of the most prestigious Kona Coffee companies around. We opt to be certified by several different entities looking at the way we process our coffee organically, where and who we buy our coffee from–is it really Kona Coffee? The agencies that are continuously looking at us are the State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture for Kona Coffee authenticity and quality, GOCA an accredited certifier by the United States Department of Agriculture for compliance with organic growing and processing standards, KOFK Kosher Certification and Visa PCI compliance certification company Control Scan who looks at the security of our online transactions.

We are a family owned and operated business, which throughout history continues to be the organizational unit that consistently produces only the best quality. All the major coffee companies were originally family owned businesses, and they produced some pretty good coffee in their time–before the accountants got involved, and the shareholders demanded increases in profit, one after another. Of course, we only go in the direction of premium Kona Coffee, not in the direction of corporate politics. We’re different, and you can taste the difference.