100% Kona Coffee

100% Kona Coffee

100% Kona Coffee says it all–very accurately to say the least. And 100% Kona Coffee denotes the pure, non diluted or non blended form of 100% Kona Coffee, the real thing. Traditionally, 100% remains the marketing terminology that differentiates the best from the not so good. There exists the term 100% Organic, and it can only be used on the 100% pure organic. 100% Napa wine denotes the wine made from pure Napa Valley wine grapes. Many more examples are available to explain this phenomena.

One hundred Percent Kona Beans are sought after around the world. We all know that One hundred percent Kona is the best coffee in the world and everyone wants to get their hands on it. The problem is that it is so rare that it sometimes leaves a man or woman uncertain that they got the real deal.

Everybody wants it, but not everyone gets it because they are unsuspectingly duped into lesser, watered down, blends of Kona Coffee which do not contain 100%. Some people get this blended product because they are looking solely at price. I guess Kona Coffee has not gotten to the educational point that a diamond or Rolex(tm) has. People know that you can’t buy a real .5 carat diamond for $100.00 or that you can’t buy an authentic Rolex(tm) for $50.00. Just like you can’t buy a real pound of Roasted Kona coffee for $7.00. You just can’t. Kona Coffee goes for at minimum, in lower prime grade, for about $22.00. Just like a $100.00 .5 carat diamond is made out of Cubic Zirconium, and a $50.00 Rolex(tm) is made from quartz movement, a $7.00 1 Lbs. bag of Kona Coffee is made out of South American, Indian, African, or Southeast asian coffee beans.

I guess that it will take a little more than ten years of promoting 100% Kona Coffee to let it sink into the public’s mind, as the labeling laws have only been around for ten years. I guess that this happens because consumers think that they are getting the real thing. They take home the coffee, its terrible, and then they vow to never buy Kona again. Just like you can tell a real diamond by looking at in in magnification and a real Rolex(tm) by looking at the movement, you can tell real Kona Coffee from the taste.

The suggestion we have is to put a suggestion in the suggestion box at your local store to carry our product. Mountain Thunder products are the real deal every day of the week. You should also ask your local supermarkets to offer in-store tasting’s. Also, you could take a Hawaiian vacation and go to a real Kona Coffee farm and taste the real deal for yourself.

Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation is an Organic Farm, Processor and Roaster of 100% Pure Kona Beans located in Kona. We are dedicated to promoting and selling only the best Kona Beans in the world.

Our web site, www.mountainthunder.com will support you in your undertaking to get the best beans around. We also have pages dedicated to selecting a perfect brewing machine and also what roast is most suitable for you. We have dug up some information about the history of our beans and we also let you in on the fun, and link you to a streaming video section which highlights our T. V. appearances. Please, sit back and relax and browse the Mountain Thunder web site. Mountain Thunder after all, is one of the most reputable names in Kona Coffee.